Describe Why Those Who Access Services Should Be Valued as Individuals

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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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2.1 Describe why those who access services should be valued as individuals

Those who access services are children, young people, and adults. Why should children, young people, and adults be valued? Because of the diversity involves presenting a positive attitude and approach towards differences between them, because of the equality everyone have to be treated equally. They individual needs have to be met, because of inclusion process of identifying understanding and breaking downs barriers .

2.2 Give examples of ways to value adults who access services. Ways to valued adults:
* Give them chance to speak
* Respecting them
* Kind
* Understanding
* Being sensitive
* Respect their dignity
* Empathy
* Keeping privacy

2.3 Give examples ways to value children and young people who access the service Children and young people:
* Explain things to them
* Come down to their level
* Kind
* Building good relationship
* Listening to them
* Show compassion
* Encourage them
* Treat them equal
* Patience
* Flexible
* Approachable
2.4 Outline what is meant by person-centred practice or child-centred practice Person- centred approach is-Putting the service user at heart of the service Humanistic Approach. They are involved in the planning and decision making process regarding their individual needs. * Rights

* Independent
* Choice
* Inclusion
* Supportive
* Professional
* Relationship
* Listening
2.5 Define confidentiality in the contexts of the sectors
Data protections-The Data Protection Act 1998 is concerned with the protection of human rights in relation to personal data. The aim of the Act is to ensure that personal data is used fairly and lawfully and that, where necessary, the privacy of individuals is respected. Privacy-Everyone has the right to privacy , all personal hygiene should be done in private, information store about them should be stored safely...
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