Human Services

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  • Published : August 23, 2010
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Human Services 3

Human Services is one part of an organization that evolved out of the mid 17th century as the relief act to help the disabled and sick men who worked at sea. It was the beginning of a long line of federal established hospitals to care for the sea merchant’s and what is known to us today as Public Health Services. Evolving with the centuries where new laws were passed which helped establish new acts, expanding more fields of public health and hospitals for desease and immigration examinations, entering the United States. The early 1900’s introduced the FDA ACT, The Food & Drug Administration Act. In 1912, The Bureau of Exploitation of Children. In 1921, The Indian Affairs Health Division. 1935, Passage of Social Security. Today as we know it the existence of passed acts include child support, Federal funding for assisting foster care, financing for Medicare and Social Security, AIDS and Organ Transplantation Acts. Job programs and the Act to provide health care to the homeless. The list of Acts goes on evolving as people continue to need assistance in the survival of their individual needs. In this constant growing field the services of preventions, preparedness for knowledge, funding and regulations improve the quality of guidance by creating helpful information from the services professional to the surrounding communities.

Human Services professionals choose to practice alternative actions on behalf of social welfare. In general it involves, advocating where ever needed for social justice supporting physical, spiritual, mental and emotional growth of the individual or group participants. Relating to cultural understanding, supplying food for families and Human Services 4

advising clients to therapy for individuals or groups coping with drug addiction and abuse. These services take a huge obligation in servicing the community and building trust with individuals by demonstrating...
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