Summary of Presentation: Teamwork

Topics: Difference, Collaboration, Team Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: March 31, 2012
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Title: Teamwork

Presented by: Cheryl, Grace and Jaanam
Summary of Presentation
What is meant by Teamwork? Teamwork is a joined action by two or more people working together and shares their different opinions to achieve a common goal. Teachers should be interested in Teamwork by means of a multiple skill needed to evaluate individual’s performance, collaborate learning skill will be practice in order to prepare the students in the real world working culture. For a successful team, some factors are needed such as, share mutual belief, full participation of all the members, individual commitment to reach a common goal, and see more in the similarities rather than argue for the differences. A team is not a group. Differences include members in teams work together while members in a group work mostly alone. The key difference is that in groups there is no support from members and no collaboration while in a team members work together to resolve issues and depend on one another for help. There are several reasons that cause conflicts to arise in teams, which include different perceptions existing between members, attitudes differ and moods and emotions of members affect their performance.

Reference List
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