Tda 2.6

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Tda 2.6


Team work is important in any group of people who work together as it means that they share a common goal and a mutual sense of purpose, each member of the team has his/her own strengths and when working together, brings out the best of each member of the team which in turn enables good practice in schools. Schools have a huge number of staff members and whilst it’s important to flourish in your own role, it’s also beneficial to have good knowledge of other roles within your team to promote a successful school. The communication will be stronger and decisions will be made better due to everyone contributing opinions, sharing ideas and suggestions, resulting in improved quality of work, as well as productivity. One of the main benefits in team work is it can speed up the processes of accomplishing a goal and make things run more efficiently. Team work is extremely important because people are able to combine many different backgrounds, skills, experiences and abilities and allow them to complete aim that could achieved alone.


In my setting there are a number of purposes and objectives of the team in which they work, for example working in a team makes things easier for everyone; this could be with activities, paperwork, observations, snack times etc, it just makes the pre-school run more effectively and efficiently. Their main objective is to create a safe educational environment for the children to learn in to help them develop in all areas. The setting offers a variety of activities for the children to take part in which will develop areas of their holistic development which will work with the children to reach the goals set for them.


Within my setting there are many staff members that carry out different jobs, and they have different roles and responsibilities. For example the administrator’s responsibility is to keep all paperwork and administration forms up to date. The EY practitioner’s responsibility is to...
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