Working in Teams

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Running Head: Working in Teams





Trust is the confidence that a person has towards another person. It is the ability to rely on a person by accepting his/her ideas without investigating or collecting evidence. A team is a collection of people with a common goal who are united together to achieve the goals. Interpersonal relationships refer to the association between two or more people in an organization that is geared towards business activities. To build healthy interpersonal relationships requires the members of the team to have trust upon each other. Trust is an essential aspect in the team and people should work towards enhancing trust between the team members. The success of the teams depends on the level of trust that the members have towards each other (Flores & Solomon, 2003).

Trust affects interpersonal relationships in that it increases the strength of the bond between the team members. People are able to share ideas amongst themselves when they have trust upon each other. The performance of activities within the organization depends on the trust that has been created by the members (Flores & Solomon 2003). Trust is earned when people are working in teams and should not be assumed to exist automatically. All the members should make efforts in their activities to create trust. The leaders as well as the subjects need to work towards enhancing trust among each other. People should not assume trust when working in teams. Goals should be set to achieve certain levels of trust. Team members should have a well set procedure and regulations to act as a guide towards enhancing trust (Flores & Solomon 2003).

Trust is lost when the people in the team are not honest to each other. Honesty is required in the team to create strong bonds between the members. When the members of the team are not open to each other suspicion increases and trust is lost. Trust is also lost when people are...
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