Stylistic Analysis

Topics: Question, Underscore, Underline Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Stylistic Analysis
of the Article “The Diseases of Globalization”
written by Jeffrey D. Sachs

The text under analysis is the article called “The Diseases of Globalization”. The article was written by Jeffrey D. Sachs, who is a professor at Columbia University, Director of its Earth Institute. His work focuses on economic development and international aid. The publicistic functional style of the article is marked by the use of words with the emotive meaning. There are a variety of stylistic devices, which author uses to imply emotional tension to the text and reflect his personal feelings and emotions towards the discussed subject. The headline of the article is “The Diseases of Globalization”. The use of a metaphor in the headline emphasize how huge the problem of globalization is, and on which issues is this article concentrated. In the first paragraph the author uses such synonyms as: to bog down and to mire. It gives a vivid colourful description of the situation. The inversion that is used in this paragraph : ”War now beckons in Iraq”, give special prominence to this sentence. The rhetorical questions are used in the second paragraph: ”Why is globalization so at risk? Why are its benefits seemingly concentrated in a few locations? Can a more balanced globalization be achieved?”.The use of such rhetorical questions in succession, make the reader think about his own answers. The parallel constructions, that are used in the first two questions, emphasize the repeated elements and underline the importance of these repeated sentences.

In the third paragraph the author uses several epithets, such as: extremely and miserably. In this case epithets fulfill an expressive...
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