Effects of Globalization: Tate & Lyle Case

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City of London College
BTEC Advanced Professional Diploma in Management Studies – Level 7

Unit 07: Management in the Wider Environment




TASK 1 / Globalization4-8
2Various Dimensions of Globalization4-5
3Effects on National Economies5-6
4Influence of International Institutions6-7
5Effects of EU Membership on Tate & Lyle7-8
6Effects of EU Membership on Workplace8

TASK 2 / Environmental and Health & Safety Awareness 9-11
5Protection of Natural Environment9
6Tate & Lyle’s Environment-Friendly Standards9-10
7Health & Safety at Tate & Lyle10-11

TASK 3 / Managing Diversity12-14

9Responsibilities of Organization12

10Regulatory Forces Affecting Tate & Lyle’s Operations12-13

11Diversity Management – Definition13

12Approaches to Diversity Management13-14

13Comparison of Diversity Management Policies of
Tate & Lyle and British Sugar PLC14



Profile: TATE & LYLE PLC

Tate & Lyle is the world-leading manufacturer of renewable food and industrial ingredients that are produced from renewable crops, predominantly corn and sugar cane. Its end-products include sugar, starches, sucralose (splenda), molasses, alcohol, citric acid, and high fructose corn syrup. Listed on the London Stock Exchange, total revenue of £3,553 million was registered in 2009. With offices and plants in more than 24 countries worldwide, it has an estimated workforce of 5,718 employees (2009). ¹

Formed in UK in 1921, it is a product of a merger between two family-run sugar refiners founded in the mid-19th century, Henry Tate & Sons and Abram Lyle & Sons. ²ª The products of the two companies were complimentary ²ᵇ and, had large factories nearby each other so prompting the merger. ³ª

Over the nearly century and a half since its earliest beginnings, Tate & Lyle has successfully survived and grew its organization to become a global key business player. Attributable mainly to its great ability to expand interests with both sugar and non-sugar companies, it has completed a number of acquisitions (Tate & Lyle has 61 principal subsidiaries worldwide) including the purchase of Staley Continental in 1988, a major corn wet milling business in the US (giving the company 25% of the US high fructose corn syrup market), ²ͨ Haarmann & Reimer in 1988, a Bayer AG subsidiary (making Tate & Lyle the world’s leading producer of citric acid), ²ᵈ Amylum, a European starch-based manufacturing business (creating the Company’s global business for cereal sweeteners and starch) in 2000, ³ᵇ and in 2004, a joint venture with DuPont (establishing its first major foray into bio-materials business) ³ͨ.

The Company is renowned for its Lyle’s Golden Syrup, a partially inverted refiners’ syrup. The Guinness Book of World Records has concluded that the design of the tin, which has remained almost unchanged since 1885, forms Britain’s oldest brand. ⁴

Tate and Lyle has been into criticisms and controversies. In the 1980’s, it began a strong public relations effort to counteract a trend toward decreased consumption of sugar in developed countries because it has been implicated as a cause of dental cavities, obesity, diabetes, and hyperactivity. ²ᵉ In 2005, the US sugar industry filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission taking issue with Splenda’s advertising slogan “made from sugar so it tastes like sugar.” ³ᵉ The consumer advocacy group Citizens for Health also filed a petition with the FDA asking to withdraw its approval of Splenda pending additional investigation of claimed side effects such as stomach pain and other digestion problems. ³ᵉ

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