Globalization Myths

Topics: Globalization, World Bank, Technology Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Araceli Gonzalez
AMM 457
October 12, 2012

In today’s world, there are so many things that get overlooked or don’t even come into conversation. With incidents and worldwide transactions that happen every second and factors that influence our everyday decisions, Globalization is not something one talks about everyday. Peter Dicken, author of Global shift introduced the book by 5 myths of globalization per other contradictions of other authors, business strategist, globalists and anti globalists. Dicken, (2011) mentioned, “Globalization is not always good (contra the neo-liberal hyper-globalizers)” and “Globalization is not always bad (contra the anti-globalizers)” (p. 8). I agree with Dickens point on Globalization not always being a bad thing, contra the anti-globalizers. Globalization has many pros and cons. In a society where fear over rules and gets in the way of moving forward, it is hard to be able to forecast the future and tomorrows actions. What one must do is relate to history and proceed with small steps. With a factor such as globalization where interconnecting on a national and global level, many nations and countries fear that by interconnecting it will increase the scale of inequality (Dickens, 2011 p. 6). This might be true to say due to the underdeveloped countries and there has to be countries with less power otherwise the would would not function properly if we were on the same level. Some countries need to be more invested to better help the lesser countries. When one fails, the other will be there to help. I also believe Globalization may be a good thing due to the rapid increase of integration that is happening with todays technology. Today we are able to get live feed in “real time” even though it may be happening in a different time zone in the opposite side of the world. “Technological innovation has accelerated integration both virtually […]as well as physically with vast improvements in transports and...
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