Globalization in Mexico

Topics: Capitalism, Mexico, Globalization Pages: 4 (1275 words) Published: April 6, 2013

Globalization is a process that includes areas modern technological, economic, social and cultural rights worldwide. It is the interaction and integration between countries unifying the above aspects in a single capitalist market. Neoliberalism defends him as globalization allows freedom increases, resulting in higher growth of the economy. There are many schools of thought who believe that globalization transcends economic issue and covers culture, for example the relation of forces between the more developed nations such as Europe or the United States and underdeveloped as Latin America or Africa, is highly unequal, globalization without limits or controls promotes cultural imperialism and economic dominance, and undermines the particular identity of each people.  However overall its main benefits are undoubtedly in the economic aspect.


Mexico needs to be able to be a capitalist. This means an inward globalization, nationalization of the economy: the full integration of the country with itself, ie the consolidation of Mexican capitalism. The first step would be to actually use the system of private property, that is, going from the letter of the law in respect of the same. To follow, it would be good to build infrastructure: in Chiapas are producing coffee, milk, etc. whose production sites are to hours walk from the nearest road, which means that the products do not arrive in good markets. If that is not convincing, then remember, for example, that the country was serious problems come up if not improve its electricity industry.    Globalization gives us many opportunities offered to all countries able to access the markets in which to place their products, capital to be invested and technological innovations that can boost economic growth. But globalization is a risk of considerable dimensions: left out of the process, namely, the lack of access to the benefits that the global economy offers. Mexico is integrated into the...
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