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  • Published : December 29, 2012
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Shaniyaz Chowdhury

Style Analysis Essay Tim Burton is a major producer, who began his career in Disney. But his career was short lived because, he mainly writes in unique and gothic style; which is inappropriate for children. But later on, he became famous for his works on children movies, because he writes in a unique and nice way. That’s why, as a producer, he’s different from other producers. Burton’s unorthodox use of cinematic techniques through the use of lighting, camera angles and movements, sounds conveys his attitude towards the subject and the major theme of the storyline. Burton uses his own style in cinematic techniques to develop the storyline of the film. For ex. in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Burton used establishing shot when they were inside the factory to set the scene and show the transition between locations. In Edward Scissorhands, he used long shot when Peg entered the castle. It shows vulnerability of Peg of how she was unprotected in such a big castle. And in Big Fish, close up was used to show the big fish. It actually showed us how mighty the big fish is. The uses of framing in these movies, helped to ground the storyline. Another cinematic technique that Burton used in his movies is lighting. This is a major cinematic technique that Burton uses to develop his storyline. For ex. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Burton used high key lighting with bright color in rich kid’s house and factory to show the richness. It also conveyed the ideas about what kind of person is he or she. In Edward Scissorhands, most of the scenes were created by low key. For ex. whenever Edward is shown in the film, most of the scenes were with low key and dark colors, except some scenes. Also, when Peg entered the castle, it was low key inside the castle. And in Big Fish, in the beginning, under...
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