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The term study habit means “the tendency of a pupil or a student to study when the opportunity is given or the student or pupil’s way of study whether systematic, efficient or inefficient”. The importance of adopting effective, study habits by the students in the whole process of learning has always been ignored in our educational system. Students adopt ineffective study habits which badly affect their performance. It was the need of the situation to develop awareness. Meaning of the term study habit is to investigate or to become acquainted with new ideas, effects or procedure to direct energy towards the mastery of new material, the solution of problems, or the discovery of relationship is considered to be essential to study. The secret of how to study is locked up in the desire to learn. Good students are not born, good students are made by constant and deliberate practice of good study habits and for this the proper use of the time is required after which you will be surprised by a sudden improvement that will develop out of a sensible routine (Rooney, 1998).

Most of the researchers determine the specific area about study habit that habits vary individual to individual. All the students have individual habits or study habits, which influence a student to plan his or her private reading outside lecture hours, in order to master their area of specialization (Azikiwe, 1998).

Many researchers have been conducted to see the relationship of study habits with the various factors such as sex, age, grades, intelligence, and achievements. There are some researchers that were conducted to see the effect of student study habits on their achievement (Azikiwe, 1998). This research was conducted by Rashid, A and Aslam, M (1972) at post graduate level in order to see the relationship between the study habits and academic achievements. The population of this research was the student of I.E.R to check the effect of study habits on the achievement but the result of these researches are totally different with each other, so we conduct this study to find out the satisfactory result (Aslam, 1972). These are the different researches that were conducted in the past to see the relationship of study habits and academic achievement in Punjab University Lahore, the data was collected from 200 students of Punjab University Lahore which was processed and analyzed by using the self constructed questionnaires as tools for collecting data about study habits. In relation to academic achievements two groups were taken which was the part of this research. After the research it was concluded that there is no difference between the study habits of low achievers and high achievers (Rashid, 1972). Second research that was also conducted in Punjab University by Durrani, M.A (1973) in order to see the study habits in relation to achievements. This project was undertaken by the researcher to make a comparative study of the study habits of high achievers and low achievers. In this study a study habits inventory was used which was designed in close collaboration of Professor Zahoor-ul-Haq chairman of project committee. This instrument was administered into two groups of fifty students the data was analyzed in tabulated form and classified into two categories i.e. high achievers low achievers. On the basis of data analyzed it was concluded that student with high academic achievements have good study habits and there is a high positive correlation as compared to students with the low academic achievements have bad study habits (Durrani, 1973). In this research Sobia Shehzadi (December, 2003) tried to investigate the different study habits of students at university level. For research purpose of ten departments were selected as sample. It was also a convenient sampling a 5. Rating scale was developed to gather necessary information. Thirty items were included in rating scale. At the end different study habits were determined. Hassan the student of Faisalabad...
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