Poor Study Habits: Hindrance to Academic Excellence

Topics: Homework, Study skills, High school Pages: 19 (5862 words) Published: February 27, 2012
De La Salle University - Dasmariñas

College of Business Administration

In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for ENGL103



Almario, Geraldine

Bagalayos, Maria Venus

Bajar, Ruth

Diama, Irene Myka

Escasinas, Vilma

Professor Imelda Stuckle

Chapter I - Introduction

Rationale, Introduction and Environment of the Study
Ever since Spanish Era prevailed, Filipinos had been become attached and greatly affected by the mark left onto everyone; the popular so - called “Mañana Habit” which spontaneously came across into everyone’s daily lives that for many, for sure a big cause of having a hard time focusing on some works on a certain day or schedule. Apparently, it had been generation by generation that young adults mostly in collegiate stage perform these habits naturally despite of knowing its very root effect; having low or even failing grades. As for this matter, students who are significantly concerned regarding grades and class standing are now rapidly gaining numbers, and for one cause; poor/ bad study habits. It is indeed that majority know that tertiary level has far more different grading system other than in high school or in elementary. Regarding of the percentage, attendance which seems for others a simple and not so important matter even lined up with major exams and quizzes. Though it may be only 10%, it must be still considered for coming across into it, which says that “problems start with smaller ones being unsettled”, means that upon losing it, even rather a means of losing so much (pertaining to quizzes and exams not taken due to this matter). Thus, the main factor contributing to it is laziness in cooperation of tardiness; which only pertains to some of the different habits causing someone to fail. And according to an article written by Naomi Rockler-Gladen, there are ten bad study habits that college students often develop in which she show some introductory details about these.

1. Poor Attendance. -This may be the most common student mistake-- and the most unavoidable.

2. Poor Notetaking Skills. - Unfortunately, many students come to college without having mastered this critical skill.

3. Poor Time Management Skills.- Many college students are overwhelmed with multiple academic and other responsibilities. 4. Last Minute Work.-If you write a paper at the last minute, it shows. Having you in cramming situation. 5. Procrastination.-Of course, the issue of last minute work is related to procrastination especially with so many distractions like Facebook and video games around campus. 6. Failure to Read Directions. - It's plenty frustrating to work hard on assignment and receive a low grade because you failed to follow instructions.

7. Over-reliance on Other Students.-Asking a friend to take notes for you when you're absent is a risk you should only take when absolutely necessary. 8. Over-reliance on the Internet. -The Internet has made student research so much easier than it was a decade ago. 9. Plagiarism - In most cases, plagiarism occurs because a student has a looming deadline and panics. 10. Failure to Ask for Help. -Professors and TAs probably aren't going to seek out students who need help-- but that doesn't mean help isn't available.

Cited above are just some of the numerous excuses of many students particular as it is whenever a certain college student received a red mark. They or even the researchers themselves (the reason why this topic had been chosen) develop these unhealthy traits is mainly because of their emotional behavior that they often think that when a certain school work or a project had been given, difficulties in mind and in application mostly come aboard, causing them to neglect focusing on it. Instead, they spend time sleeping, watching, surfing internet until midmorning, handing gadgets and playing online games. Or in particular is...
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