The Effect of Quality and Quantity of Study on Student Grades

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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The Effect of Quality and Quantity of Study on Student Grades
Based on this article, recent research evaluated that college students become more studious concerning with the correlations between study time and the various fields of concentration. The time spent studying out of class is the total effort a student may put into class. This article explains different observations on how students earn higher grades with different strategies. For example, Allen, learner, and Hinrichsen found that dividing a study period evenly through the week proves to show that students earn higher grades then a total study time. Based on a student knowledge depends on what learning strategy they may use. For in fact, student’s comprehension strategy compared to using ones knowledge earned As and Bs. The different variety of study strategies prove to show that study groups were able to earn higher grades than a total time studying alone. Having an organized leaning center achieved higher and transformed their learning ability. Students in learning center improved in their self-reports or logs by using daily self-monitoring. In that case, students are required to record the duration of events as it occurs. For example, students record the total amount time spent on reading, reviewing, and time organizing completed activities. Recent studies show that Taking notes has proven to show the improvement in a student’s way of learning. Organizing what you’ve learned is a reading strategy that helps you build in associating with new material. The method of procedure begins with reading. As you read record the time you begin and the time you finished. Making it very important to write down every time you read is crucial. Another form of technique is studying what your reading which means reviewing, revising, and organizing while you read. As you review the material you reread important detail, read notes, read headings, and try to recall data under the headings. On the other hand,...
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