Multimodial Learning Style

Topics: Kinesthetic learning, Learning styles, Learning Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: September 1, 2012
This paper will compare the different learning styles of the VARK questionnaire. It will differentiate the results of the questionnaire and one’s preferred learning style. There are three different learning styles in the VARK questionnaire and a combination of four scores are used to determine one’s learning style. The VARK questionnaire provides a combination of four scores. The four scores the VARK questionnaire analyses are visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic. A VARK profile is a combination of these four scores and gives one a learning preference. It also allows a person to see the varieties in learning preferences. The majority of people have a multimodal learning preference. In a multimodal learning style, multiple preferences are used while learning. A combination of any of the four scores may make up one’s learning style. Some people learn best using an aural learning preference. These people learn best by hearing the information aloud. They learn to take notes and then recite the information aloud. A person with an aural learning style learns best when they are able to hear directions and speak the answers. Others learn best by the kinesthetic learning style. Kinesthetic learners are also known as tactile learners. This means that they learn best by doing the task to be done. They tend to have good hand-eye coordination. (Mayer, R.E. 2001) My preferred learning style is the multimodal learning style. Approximately 60% of the population has this learning style. The multimodal learning style means that multiple preferences are used when learning. After completing the VARK questionnaire, four scores are given to assess one’s personal learning preference. Any combination of the four VARK scores can be used in the multimodal learning style. My scores were as follows: visual 5, aural 12, read/write 1, and kinesthetic 11. (VARK questionnaire 2011) My preferred learning strategies when studying are to take lots of notes, read them aloud to repeat them...
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