The Transition from Childhood to Adulthood

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  • Published : March 8, 2011
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Children live in the present; adolescents begin to think about the future.
Becoming an adult involves much more than becoming physically mature, though that is an important part of the process. The transition from childhood to adulthood also involves changes in patterns of reasoning and moral thinking, and adjustments in personality and sexual behavior. Though the process is complex, most adolescents cope reasonably well with their changing circumstances. (Kassachau, 1995) Majority of the students fail to excel in their chosen career and academic performance as will others doesn’t really seem to care about the outcome of their decision/deed while other strive really hard/harder to excel. For example, after failing a test, an individual may rationalize that it happened because he didn’t review his notes; he was not even prepared for the test. So the next thing he will do is to develop good study habits. He will do all his best and motivate himself to pass the upcoming tests for him to reach his goal sign of readiness and maturity knowing that the individual thinks about his future. One of the differences between students who do well on the tests or exams and those who do poorly is in the type and amount of studying they do. Students who have developed good study habits often earn high grades and derive a general sense of accomplishment from their efforts. Knowing that they are adequately prepared for a test also reduces their anxiety. Like other skills, studying skills are acquired though practice and instruction. Furthermore, people’s performance on a test will most likely improve if they space their study time even several intervals rather than cram all the studying into one session. When cramming is used as a substitute for planned study, test performance is not as good. Therefore, this study intends to discover and explore insights on the different academic transformation of the college students especially in changes in the study

Habits by managing time and perform better to achieve excellence in academic performance. This research hopes to undertake the invitation for a more scientific inquiry of a study of college students and children in the local context

Theoretical Framework
Gordon Allport (Psychology of individual)
Gordon W. Allport was an influential psychologist in his day. Many of his ideas of personalities are similar to those of humanistic psychologist. For example, Allport emphasizes the positive, rational and conscious reasons why we act the way we do. But he is most famous for his pioneering work on traits (allport, 1961) A trait, Allport said makes a wide variety of situations functionally equivalent that is it enables a person to realize that many different situations calls for a similar response. Thus, traits are responsible for the relative consistency of every individual’s behavior. His theory is called psychology of individual because it emphasizes a person’s uniqueness. Allport was certain that motivation is always a contemporary process. An individual’s current self-image is for more important than whatever he or she has been in the past (except in pathological cares). Traits have the capacity to motivate, inhibit or select appropriate human behavior. According to Maslow, our notices are organized in hierarchy arranged from the most basic to the personal and advanced. If the lower needs in the hierarchy are not net for the most part, then higher needs will not operate. When the needs are met, other motives like developing, relationship with others, achieving positive self-esteem, producing crafts or arts or realizing on one’s full potential become important to the individual. In line with this theory, motivation is responsible for many changes in perceptual and behavioral capabilities. Learning allows changes in the ways ends are satisfied. That is learning which can be product of a worth is responsible for the development and recognition. 2

Cognitive Motivational...
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