Personal Responsibility

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Personal Responsibility

Fred Johnson


December 9, 2010
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Personal Responsibility

In today’s academic setting, teamwork is an important skill for students to learn. Students work together on learning teams, and complete team assignments. Deciding how to approach assignments is left completely up to the team. How will the team structure itself, how work will be divided, and who will lead, are important decisions a learning team must make. To be successful in these learning teams, a student must develop the skills and habits that make people valuable team members. Taking personal responsibility for learning these new skills will lead students to educational success. The purpose of this essay is to help the reader explore the relationship between personal responsibility and educational success in a team environment. This paper will also explore how personal responsibility and teamwork skills extend, beyond school, into the professional world. People in a team environment mistakenly believe they can blame others for their failures. Although it is true that teams depend on their members to succeed, it is important for team members to take personal responsibility for their success. Personal responsibility means self-determination, hard work, and contributing in a team environment. Even though many colleges stress the importance of learning in teams, personal responsibility is the foundation of educational success because it is each person’s responsibility to learn the required material, and everyone must complete his or her assigned coursework. A common misperception is that the business community values the independent maverick type of person. The media often portrays the leaders of top companies this way. A stronger case exists for the idea that the best executives are those who build the best teams. According to a questionnaire, responded to by 57 executives, teamwork is among the top 10 soft skills required for...
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