Effective Study Skills Are the Sole Foundation of Sound Education

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Effective Study Skills are the Sole Foundation of a Sound Education

Study Skills are approaches applied to Learning. There are many study skills methods. The essay will discuss whether effective study skills are actually the sole foundation of a sound education or just part of a students education. Teaching study skills to children when they are beginning to read, benefits them in the longterm Salinger 1983. This research focuses on just reading , not on any other part of a childs education. Any study technique which is taught to students will assist them but in order for the technique to be useful the students have tutored in a specific way, Armbruster 1981. This seems to show that yes , in general study techniques do help but they have to taught in a particular way. Wingate 2006, argues that what the student learns, the manner at which the students learns is important and that a study skills course separate to this would be of no use.With this in mind, it shows that study skills alone are not adequate and other factors need to be considered, for example the subject or course matter and the means by which a students learns. While this may be true, study skills assist towards a sound education but this research shows that study skills are just one part of the building blocks necessary for education and are not the sole foundation. Manbeth 2002 shows that academical students perform better when they have effective study skills. University students results can be improved if they are taught study skills, Afsner Hassanbeigi et al, 2011. Results from these studies have shown that study skills appear to improve grades. Although these studies are clear in their conclusions students must also be proficient in the use of computers as it is necessary for almost all course work, Richardson 2010. It is evident that study skills help aspects of education, in addition to this Dill, Anna et al,2011 has shown that study skills also assist in keeping students in...
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