Student Information System

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Coping with the electronic revolution left institution in a dilemma with very meager options except to follow and adopt the changes. Students preferred to have guide and easy transaction like release of records, enrolment and many more. These are demands that institutions should cope up with. They need technology which should do the work for them. What they need is a program or a system where they would simply press or click button and all the necessary information about a person will be provided. Additionally, much of the software used in previous student information systems and school administration worked on an outdated code base and had a curious mix of presentation, businesses and data accessibility. The advantage of having a student management system was missing as it was not possible to integrate any of the campus- based activities within the systems. Thus, educational institutions were looking for a web- based solution such as a student information system or an intelligent student information system with an inbuilt mechanism to meet the requirements of student- related information management as well as to serve the purpose of a school management system. Furthermore, they were looking forward to a complete package on student information management system from a single programmer. Student Information Systems (SIS) manages student records and information. A Student Information System provides a capability to view the student records. It includes student status, grades and the remaining accounts. A Student Information System helps schools mange various operations including student data, accounts, and viewing grades on previous semester. SIS is different from Course or Learning Management System (CMS or LMS). A SIS allows for the quick and accessible flow of information. A Student Information System provides fastest and efficient work job to the personnel and staff with useful tools to automate the daily routine of simple tasks. Most Student Information System is web- based allowing access from any computer with an internet connection with no additional software installation. By implementing a Student Information System, the daily school needs in registrar, guidance and collecting office can save time and have immediate access to a variety of student data. These systems are needed for all parties involved in education; students, collecting office, and registrar. Students will be more informed when they receive up- to – date information about their profile, grades, accounts and medical and dental health. Collecting office will be informed too in dealing with their accounts for every semester. SIS is a secure, web accessible interactive computer system that allows access to student’s profile, grades, accounts, medical and dental health and other related works in the system. Through this system a student must have an ID to access in the Student Information System, if there is power failure, no one can use the information system, unauthorized person cannot access the information, hardware is expensive than SIS and getting hold of important information is minimized. These viewpoints provide the framework for the conduct of the study.


Capiz State University formerly Panay State Polytechnic College has an undying commitment to serve the public most especially to provide the educational needs of the people in the province of Capiz in particular, even in region in the entire country in general. The birth of CapSU (Capiz State University) was by virtue of RA 9273 that was signed by her Excellency, President Gloria Arroyo on March 21, 2004. From that time a realization made for the aspirations and hopes of the Capizeños to have betterment in life. Its establishment has a lasting tribute to those benefactors and sympathizers who unselfishly and persistently shared their time and exerted efforts through long years of “rough sailing” and never waver their whole support...
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