Student Guidance System

Topics: Computer network, Login, User Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: June 26, 2012
Thesis Title: Student Guidance System in PLMUN
Title Description: In this system you can record complaints and problems of the student in guidance office and eliminate paper works, retrieve report easily and create a report of a student and to recognize the student who have a violation and keep track of student records such as name, student number, grade and other information. Once the information is inputted into the database it will provide you with the ability to quickly get information related to a particular student. It is basically concerned with the moral character of every student where in the guidance personnel’s discusses lessons in order for the students to learn good values needed of the student in order to attain the vision of continuous production of quality of graduates.

Thesis Title: Student Registration System in PLMUN
Group: Melgazo, Miggy C.
Peralta, Jasmin
Pedere, Diana Rose T.
Title Description: The registration system is an easy to use, responsive, user friendly, and flexible alternative to manual and paper based student registration. Officials can control waiting list. This system can communicate with email and eliminate paper work instantly. A student registration system keeps track of students, courses, that are and how many unit you need to take to have a full load that available in each semester. Student registration system increases organization and make managing large amounts of information and manipulates for some result based on a system or sequence of instruction on how the data is processed. Many problem can be prevent in this system by the incorrect information of the student, effort, money, hunger, dilemma and especially the long hours of waiting by the manual registration of the student.

Thesis Title: Network Monitoring System in PLMUN
Group:Melgazo, Miggy C.
Peralta, Jasmin B.
Pedere, Diana Rose T.
Title Description: In this system, network monitoring system is about...
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