Online Registration Reservation System

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Chapter I

Project Context
The presence of Online Registration and Reservation system of Dalton Academy help the students as well as the school to fasten their system of enrollment as well as reservation. At present, the Dalton Academy has three sections of each year level. The enrollment and reservation process is done in a first come per serve basis, thus if you are early to enroll even you are belong in the first section however if you are late enrollee then you are place in the last section. This policy is there to all year level from first year to fourth year. There are certain problems also have been encountered such as the process of registration in which all year level are piled up in the registration booth. Conflict of date for the registration and reservation. The filing-up of information in the registration forms.

In order to resolve this, we create an online registration. This will be indicate a registration procedure in the online registration and reservation system. It reserve in the section, create an account to register in the form in order to reserve in the section.

Purpose and Description of the project
This study covers the registration and reservation process of enrollment the respondents is easy to resolved enrollment process problem. It is not difficult for them even if how many students reserve from the online registration reservation but it also limited because three section every year level and per section consist of fifty students only and also much better easy to look if how many students are reserve for enrollment every day. This study will help the teacher’s with this enrolling period because they easy to see on the internet, even are they in other places. Anytime, anywhere they can easily to take a look at that online registration reservation system.


The study covers the features in this room to show the Registered user under this covered the home, about us...
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