Reservation Management System

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Chapter 1

Background of the study
Before the existence of many highly developed computer system it’s started from manual method. And the age old say’s that necessity is the mother of all inventions. Because of the need of business industry, different technologies and computer system has been grown. Nowadays with the use of internet, many ordinary task and businesses that people conducted were made feasible like buying products through online. The study will emphasize the effects of using manual reservation and how the computerize reservations be used these days. In the past years the resource management system is done manually in which they deal using pen and paper. Today by the use of technology they did their work quickly. The resource management system is a transaction processing system that solves the problem encountered during the manual reservation management. It aims to simplify the manual reservation management fastest and accurate. The resource management system helps the department in monitoring and handling the production equipment. And it helps most in terms of reservations and also the computerize resource management system is easy to use and the transaction will done quickly unlike the manual. It created for the convenient of the client and the staff of the custodian department through this study the demand of the client has been fulfilled. We decided to use a computer program for our study because it enables us to ease our entire works and helps us to lessen the time needs to consume in every task we need to do. So, this study can really give benefits not only to the Custodian but also to the Production and clients, and any person involved in the Custodian Resource management.

We use MySql with a built-in application, Adobe Dreamweaver, as our application software in constructing the computerized Resource management system.

Statement of the Problem
This proposed system, “Resource management system”, specifically tries to answer the following questions:

1. How to manage and monitor the distributed production equipment?

2. How the task of custodian make easy and fast?

3. How will be more productive in generating transaction reports?

General Objectives
To be able to develop an automated Resource management system that can secure and monitor the Production equipment borrowed by the clients.

Specific Objectives
• To be able to generate daily reports and to made the transaction fast and easy to the client

• Resource management system can lessen the hassle to the transaction in borrowing Production equipment.

• To be secure all data obtain in an organization.

Scope and Limitation

• Can access through online.

• Can print reports.

• Can reserve through online.

• Another payment for exceeding time.

• Can’t access without internet.

• For online reservation only.

• Transaction cannot be done online.

• We don’t accept payment for the transaction.

• All of the available equipment at the inventory will be lend.

• No delivery

• Only the employee or authorized persons can use the production equipment.

• The person who reserve or scheduled to take the production equipment must also the one who will take it.

• If the employee is new for the position (or new in the business), he/she is not authorized to lend the production equipment unless it has the permission from the authorized persons or the one who above on his/her position.

• Any damage of the equipments is not covered of the system.

• The client can reserve production equipments depends on the availability of the equipment.

• If there is no available production equipment the custodian will not approved the request of the client....
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