Implementation of as-Is System

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➢ Description of AS-IS Business Process for Registering for Classes in IMS, Ghaziabad

Registration for classes is one the most important business process in an academic institution. The process is not comprised of any single step. It comprises of several continuous steps that are sequentially followed.

There are mainly three ways to understand the AS-IS business process. They are:

• Extensive information gathering

• Detailed process modeling

• Detailed data modeling.

After going through the main three steps as mentioned earlier to understand the AS-IS system, the major process we found are discussed in the following:

1. Manual registration of students

2. Manual entry of data into the system

3. Authentication checking

4. Generation of roll number and registration number.

According to the analysis of the understanding the system, we have found the four above mentioned business processes that are required for the registration for classes in IMS, Ghaziabad. But, the processes also have some sub processes.

1. Manual registration of student

a. Making of copies of registration forms

b. Distributing the registration forms to students

c. Filling up the forms and submission by the students

d. Checking of the forms for proper data filling

2. Manual entry of data into the system

a. Making the forms in a serial order

b. Entry of data into the system manually

3. Authentication Checking

a. Proper details have to be checked

b. Authenticity have to be checked

4. Generation of roll number and registration number

The process model can also be described with the help of the following diagram:

Fig: Process modeling

➢ Data Modeling

Raw data: (i) Name of the student

(ii) Course

(iii) Batch

(iv) Address

(v)Email Address

(vi) Father’s name

(vii) Mother’s name

(viii) Educational Qualification

a. Class 10

b. 10+2

c. Graduation

d. Post Graduation


BPI techniques can be classified into three different techniques

1. Duration Analysis.

2. Activity Based Costing.

3. Informal Benchmarking.

Duration Analysis- Duration analysis requires a detailed examination of the amount of time it takes to perform each process in the current as-is system. The analysts begin by determining the total amount of time it takes, on average, to perform a set of business processes for a typical input. Then the time of each and individual step are compared to the total for the overall process. When there is a significant difference between the two-and in our experience the total time can be 10 or even 100 times longer than the sum of the parts-this indicate that this part of the process is badly in need of a major overhaul.

Activity Based Costing- Activity based costing is a similar analysis that examines the cost of each major process or step in a business rather than the time taken. The analysts identified the cost associated with each of the basic functional steps or processes, identified the most costly processes and focus their improvement efforts on them. Assigning costs is conceptually simple. You just examine the direct cost of labor and material for each input. Material costs are easily assigned in a manufacturing process, while labor costs are determined on the basis of the time spent on the input and hourly cost of the staff.

Informal Benchmarking- Benchmarking refers to studying how other organization performs a business process in order to learn how your organization can do something better. Benchmarking helps the organization by introducing ideas that employees may never have considered but have potential to add value.

Informal Benchmarking is...
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