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Training is the process of increasing the knowledge and skills of an employee for doing particular jobs. It is an organised activity designed to create a change in the thinking and behaviour of people to enable them do their jobs in a more efficient manner.

Training plays an important role in human resource management development and raises the skills of employees, supervisory staff and managers and creates confidence and ability to perform the job efficiently.

Development is a long term process of improving skills, beliefs, attitudes and future job challenges. Both training and development are important because they contribute significantly to the process of improving the performances of the organisation.

Objectives of training

• To raise efficiency and productivity of employees and the organisation as a whole

• To create a pool of well trained, capable and loyal employees at all levels and thereby to make arrangements to meet the future needs of an organisation.

• To provide opportunities of growth and self development to employees and thereby to motivate them for promotion and other monetary benefits

• To avoid accidents and wastages of all kinds

• To meet the challenges posed by new developments in the field of science and technology

• To develop cordial labour-management relations and thereby to improve the organisational environment

• To develop positive attitude and behaviour pattern required by an employee in order to perform tasks efficiently


Training is any process by which the aptitudes, skills and abilities of employees to perform specific jobs are increased while Education is the process of increasing the general knowledge and understanding of total environment.

Training is job oriented having a more immediate utilitarian objective than education. The major burden of training falls upon the employers while the cost of education is borne by the society and the individual.

Education generally refers to formal instruction in a school while training is generally imparted at the work place.

Need for training

• To create a team of trained, efficient and capable managers for the benefit of the organisation

• To develop managers personalities and to make them capable to accept new responsibilities and challenges

• To raise managers efficiency and productivity

• To improve managers self development which is necessary for promotions

• To avoid managerial obsolescence in an organisation

• To develop cordial industrial relations

• To improve the culture of the organisation

Advantages of training

• Job satisfaction. Training gives an employee confidence in handling the job assigned to him

• Higher output of quality goods. It helps the employee to increase the quality and quantity of output through improvement in work methods and skills

• Low spoilage rate. It reduces the rate of spoilage and wastage of materials

• Mastery in new methods. Workers develop tremendous skills and gain mastery in new methods for work relationships

• Better use of resources. With trained workers, physical, financial and human resources are applied in a better and more economic way

• Healthy interpersonal relations. Proper human relations training of which many new techniques have been developed helps in overcoming personal and inter group problems

• Reduction in a number of problems. A trained worker never complains un necessarily about his work

• Fewer accidents. It helps in reducing the number of accidents and breakdown


Identification of training needs

According to MC Ghee and Thayer, the following three step approach may be adopted to indentify training needs of employees....
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