Staying Safe and Secure at Work

Topics: Computer security, Information security, Confidentiality Pages: 2 (311 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Staying safe and secure at work
How can you contribute?
There are several ways that you can contribute to a safe and secure environment being maintained. Personal conduct
You can help to maintain a safe and secure environment by:
Not wearing clothes / jewellery that may be dangerous
Remaining alert, not tired, when at work
Not being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
Awareness and observation
You can help to maintain a safe and secure environment by:
Noticing what is happening in your work environment
Noticing any unexpected changes
Noticing any potential hazards.
Personal action
You can help to maintain a safe and secure environment by:
Being willing to take practical actions to ensure the wellbeing of yourself and others Not waiting for someone else to take appropriate actions. Prompt reporting
You can help to maintain a safe and secure environment by:
Taking time to find out where health, safety and security responsibilities lie Promptly reporting to the appropriate person when someone is wrong or may have a potential for causing harm but the individual cannot correct it.

Maintaining security and confidentiality
To improve security and confidentiality in the workplace, you should: Not allow computer screens to be seen by unauthorised people Ensure people can't see confidential documents that aren't meant for them Log off your computer if it is unattended

Use computer passwords that are not easy to guess
Double check outgoing emails before you send them
Never gossip or share confidential information
Err on the side of caution when disclosing information
Keep sensitive documents in folders and lockable drawers
Comply with your organisation’s security procedures
Report any lapses in security
Close windows before leaving empty offices/rooms
Log off computers that have been left on by colleagues
Lock away valuables/confidential papers
Ask colleagues to...
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