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Topics: Occupational safety and health, Occupational health psychology, Chemical industry Pages: 8 (1169 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Audit Report

Executive Summary

OH&S Audit was conducted in AIM Chemical Company from 10/07 until 19/07/2012 according Order of Branch Director of 06/07/2012 number 03-OHS by: OHS Manager - Luc Besson, OHS Manager Assistant - Mila Yovovich and Apprentice - incognito


Goal: Revelation of compliance with safety regulations and creation of arrangements for improving.

Within of scope of current audit were inspected followed subdivisions:

• Storages of raw materials (including Chemical tank storages)

• Communications and electricity

• Main factoring

• Workshops of Support service

• Transport shop

• Warehouses

The audit was carried out both of forms: of the control of documents and in the form of field observations and measurement .


The audit process was separated for 7 parts:

1.Health and safety Systems

2. Housekeeping

3. Electrical

4. Mechanism and Equipment

5. Machinery and Workbenches

6. Hazardous Substances

7. Welding

1. In the first part were inspected mostly the records of OH&S Policy following, company regulations, different procedures and plans of actions. The omissions have not been discovered. This part of audit can be obtained as acceptable.

2. In the Housekeeping part were checked points as:

|Work areas free from rubbish & obstructions | |Surfaces safe and suitable | |Free from slip/trip hazards | |Floor openings covered | |Stock/material stored safely | |Unobstructed and clearly defined | |Adequate lighting |

We had not any pretensions for housekeeping conditions with the exception of artificial light quality.

3. Electrical part of OH&S audit consists an inspection of communications and lines, plugs and switches, lock-out procedures, leakage systems and other electrical equipments condition and procedures. We have no one remark.

4. Current part includes checking:

|Plant and equipment condition | |Daily safety inspection procedures/checklists availability | |How fault reporting/rectification system is used | |Operators trained and licensed | |Warning and instructions displayed | |Warning lights operational | |Reversing alarm operational condition | |Satisfactory operating practices...
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