Boiler Room Outline

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, The Commission Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: September 30, 2011
Boiler Room Ethical Analysis
I. Introduction:
A. Have you ever worked for a company or individual you believed was unethical? B. In the moving Boiler Room, there are several different characters displaying unethical behavior including JT Marlin the Corporation, Seth and Chris.

I. JT Marlin Corporation
A. JT Marlin unethically sells stock
1. Sells stock for product that don’t currently exist
2. Pays 4x the commission allowable by law
3. Won’t sell stock to women
4. Allows brokers to use tactics to sell stock
5. Only sells stock by phone
6. Collects personal information on potential clients
Prepared for Government Invasion
1. Set up office based on ability for quick shut down
Compliance manager shreds compromising documents at night
Seth - Main Character
A. Runs an illegal underground Casino from his home
1. Pays college students to be runners.
Refers to his casino as an “honest living”.
Later pays college students to keep it running while working at JT Marlin. Learns early on his “legitimate” job isn’t so legitimate. 1. Begins to suspect wrong doing even before his job interview when he entered the sales floor in error. Begins the training program in spite of his gut telling him that the job wasn’t as legitimate as they claimed. Researched the laws when he took his Series 7 exam and knows the commission is out of the range allowed by law. When he realizes that JT Marlin is a “Chop Shop” he elects to get out but plans to make one of his customers money back using unethical and illegal methods. Chris

A. One of the best Sellers for JT Marlin
1. Operates on a Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell basis.
Urges Seth to not ask question and just enjoy the money he’ll be making. Knows the business is unethical but just acts like he doesn’t know 1. Likes bringing home the big pay checks
Feels like he worked hard to get to where it was
During last scene where Seth tells him the FBI is coming he still acts like...
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