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Moving & Assisting / Lifting & Handling Activities

Under the fundamental provisions of current Health & Safety at Work legislation Ladybrook Care Homes Ltd has a duty to ensure that all staff involved with the lifting and handling of residents should not be exposed to any work practice or risk likely to cause them injury. This Policy will detail the compliance of the Home in this respect.


Each staff member must:

-exercise reasonable care for the health and safety of himself / herself and all other persons who may be affected, either directly or indirectly, while carrying out his / her duties;

-co-operate with management with regard to any duty or requirement imposed in law.

-It is the responsibility of the management of the Home and all staff to ensure a safe standard of practice in order to safeguard the interests of staff and residents.

-No member of the Care Staff will be asked to lift residents until he / she has received supervised instruction and practice.

-Training in lifting and handling techniques will be included in all staff induction programmes. This will extend to staff re-entering work after a break in service.

-In-service training seminars will be provided to train and up-date Care Staff where necessary in order to maintain safe working practices.

-Staff members will not attempt to lift adult residents on their own; where more than two people are judged to be needed to lift a particular resident then this will be included in the appropriate Care Plan. The Proprietor is responsible for ensuring that extra staff are made available when required.

-The Proprietor is responsible for ensuring that staff use the lifting aids and / or hoists provided when required and for the planned maintenance and up-keep of lifting aids and hoists as part of the procedure for servicing, maintenance and calibration of equipment.

-All staff involved in lifting and handling must follow all instructions given about recommended techniques.

-All accidents or incidents arising from the lifting and handling of residents will be recorded in the appropriate logs (see below).


Each resident, upon admission to the Home, will undergo an appropriate Risk Assessment with respect to their specific needs for lifting, handling, moving and assisting.

This Risk Assessment will form an integral part of the Care Plan development for that resident, and will focus on the relevant needs with respect to the following Activities of Daily Living:

* Inherent disabilities and weaknesses.
* Particular movement characteristics and other behaviour that may affect mobility. * Standing.
* Walking.
* Use of steps and stairs.
* Getting into, and out of, chairs.
* Getting into, and out of, bed.
* Use of the toilet.
* Washing / bathing / showering.
* General personal care (cleaning teeth, combing hair etc). * Feeding

A summary of this Risk Assessment will be recorded on a special Care Plan Sheet for Moving & Assisting. This will form an integral part of the Care Records and will be subject to regular review in the normal way.

Fire Prevention Measures

This Policy will summarise the precautionary arrangements and measures in place the Ladybrook Care Home Group for the prevention of fire, that ensures conformance with Health & Safety and other legislative requirements, and enables the residents to feel safe in the Home.


The Home's Policies on Smoking as defined by Policy. Compliance with these Policies is mandatory.

These Policies will identify those areas in the Home where smoking is permitted. Further to this, all areas where residents are permitted to smoke must be regularly checked by Care Staff:

-Waste paper bins must be checked for smouldering cigarette...
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