Capstone Checkpoint

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  • Published : October 20, 2010
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I believe that it is essential for security professionals to be well familiar with their surroundings and have great knowledge of their primary targets, while roaming their environment. It is critical that all security professionals must maintain full control of the environment they are assigned to, and are aware of not leaving a vulnerable gap to the criminals. These security professionals must be ready to notice the slight changes of the environment, and must keep in mind that all areas are different. Therefore, they must plot a defense mechanism based on the type of environment they are assigned to. The security professionals can prepare themselves for new challenges and opportunities they have never encountered before, by simply getting very familiar with the environment and the reputation it holds. By doing research about the environment and getting statistics about the crime rate can help these professionals get an idea of the dangers that are lurking in this particular area. It can help them engage knowledge about the type of crime and violence they will be dealing with, and how much force they will use to deter crime. They should also focus on the weaknesses of the environment and use strategies to help revitalize the area. I do not believe that having experience with one type of environment is a draw back for security professionals, because security professionals are individuals that should be able to adapt to any environment under any circumstances. These professionals posses the proper training and tools that they need in order to detect, prevent, and apprehend individuals whose lives consist on hurting others and braking the law.
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