Law and Order

Topics: Risk, Security, Environment Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: March 10, 2013
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Charles Stanford Jr.
Michael Frederick

It is important for security professional to know specifics about the particular target environment to which they are assigned because of the safety of the people and the staff within the specific environment. When security professional know things such as the names of streets, and the entrance and exits within the environment; they can have security plan in place for the different areas within the particular target environment to assist with any danger they may be faced with. I also feel that when a security professional know the specific area, they can help protect the environment much better. They can protect the environment better by placing the right amount of security needed for a specific area or have a plan in place if something should occur within the different areas of the specific target environment. Experienced security professional can prepare themselves for new challenges by taking part in more training on some real simulated challenges that they may face while working within an a specific target environment. When security professional are untrained in new areas, they are likely to be unprepared for what to look for and how to respond. Secondly, I think that security professionals can do a better job of keeping notes of anything that seem to change within the specific environment. By doing this, each security professional can update each other on what to look for while in a target environment. When security professionals are just experience with only one type of environment, this can be helpful and a drawback to them at the same time. It can be helpful by, taking what they learned from one target environment to the next one. It can be a drawback, because each environment brings something new. All target environments are not the same. The security measures and risk can change from environment to the next. The biggest effect is not knowing your...
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