A Civil Injustice

Topics: Crime, Gang, Criminology Pages: 3 (768 words) Published: July 22, 2012
The situation that is being focused on in this paper is the fighting street crime, specifically a street gang that has been operating in Redondo Beach, California. While trying to fight this negative force in the community, the criminal justice had to come up with innovative ideas, they realize that focusing on a specific trouble area is one that is not new to most law enforcement officers. It is believed that the “shifting the focus of policing from responding to incidents to proactive crime prevention has important strategic implications, many of which involve structural changes.” (Terry 308)

This area in which the problem is taking place is a community that has adapted to the gangs and the persons that are breaking the law as a normal. The reason why the gang probably lasted as long as they did, because no one in the neighborhood wanted to get involved, probably out of fear, or just not wanting to get involved. However, with so much terror and crime in the neighborhood, the community started to work with the officers in the neighborhood. The police officers in the area however, did conduct investigations to see what was happening in the area, before they decided what was the best course of action that should be taken. After the initial reports where taken, it was determine that the “Civil Injunction Process” should be used and that was the best course of action.

While the Chief believes that the “civil injunction process” is the way to go, he has to convince the other team members that this plan is what is best for the community and the police officers in the area. He realizes that this way of getting the gang members off the street.

A temporary restraining issue can be ordered for a specific reason in a neighborhood, a judge may order this with a specific reason, with the gangs that are being written about here, there were very specific “activities” that could not be done. A temporary restraining order cannot be...
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