Stakeholder Management in Vodafone

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To understand and acquire professional knowledge about the mechanism that takes place in the field of Corporate Communication especially the to identify the stakeholders and the stakeholder management both in the public and private sectors, to understand the difference between the Identity and Image in a Corporate. Organization chosen:

Vodafone’s Stakeholder management:

Internal Stakeholder and External stakeholder
Stakeholder GroupInteraction with examples
InvestorsVodafone conducts regular meetings with investors through events, conference calls, and one-to-one meetings to recognize their concerns about sustainability risks as it helps to identify potential future issues. The information investors want and have the opportunity to explain its strategy for managing sustainability. NGO’sConsulting with NGOs when their campaign or focus is relevant to Vodafone’s business. Done by organizing face-to-face meetings and meeting representatives at sustainability events. Eg: in January 2012, a group of NGO representatives visited Vodafone operations in Egypt to hear personally the experiences and feeling about the executives and employees dealing with the extremely challenging events during 2011, when the Mubarak Government demanded that Vodafone to shut down their network during the country’s political unrest. SuppliersVodafone tries hard to work closely with suppliers to ensure they maintain high standards by conducting workshops and assess them to help them improve. Additionally, they collaborate with key network suppliers that help to cut climate impacts by improving the energy efficiency of operations conducted. Customers1. With Business customers, Vodafone help them meet their sustainability needs. Collaborating with them will also play an important role in helping to deliver transformational products and services. This in turn helps them in creating commercially viable services with sustainability benefits which they can roll out in...
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