Meeting Stakeholder Needs

Topics: Meeting, Customer service, Stakeholder Pages: 7 (2081 words) Published: May 23, 2013
CMI Level 3 Diploma in First Line Management
Jackie Bowen
Tutor Name: Liz Pawlowski
Title: Meeting Stakeholder Needs
Unit: 3003

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* Title Page1
* Content Page2
* Aim of the report3
* Identifying Stone Computers key stakeholders4
* Understand the process required to continually 8
Improve meeting stakeholder’s needs
* Be able to prepare a case to support a change in meeting11 Stakeholder needs
* Bibliography14

Aim of the report
In this report I will be focusing on how to identify, meet and support all stakeholder requirements within my Job role, I will base this report on my role as progress controller at stone computers focusing on the following outcomes: 1. Be able to identify the stakeholders and formulate a plan to meet their needs 2. Understand the process required to continually improve meeting stakeholder needs 3. Be able to prepare a case to support a change in meeting stakeholder needs

1 Identifying Stone Computers key Stakeholders.
1.1 Identify stakeholders in relation to the team’s objectives. A stake holder is a party or person that has an interest, direct or indirect stake in an enterprise or project, Eden and Ackermann (1998) described stake holders as “People or small groups with the power to respond to, negotiate with, and change the strategic future of the organisation” (Eden and Ackermann, 1998:117), a further reference by Heerkens (2006) stated that “a stakeholder can stand to gain or lose through the success or failure of the project, can provide funding for the project or has invested resources and is affected by the outcome and outputs of the project”. Based on my reading thus far on the subject, I have diagrammed below (figure 1) the relevant stakeholders present in an organisation or enterprise.

Figure 1, Diagram showing the relevant stakeholders present to an organisation or enterprise.

1.2 Describe how the team’s Objectives meet stakeholder requirements. My main objective as a progress controller is to achieve a customer service level agreement (SLA) of 10 working days, from receipt of order to customer acceptance of the goods. The primary objective of the role is to maintain high customer satisfaction by ensuring SLA (Service level of agreement)adherence. This is achieved through internal communications with my colleagues, which allows the customer to be kept fully updated on the progress of their order. By ensuring this happens, Stone Computers are able to keep the customer base happy ensuring future repeat orders. Working within the operations team our objectives are to work efficiently, maintain a high quality product, whist reducing costs and providing the customer satisfaction discussed previously. Below is a SWOT analysis of the current situation within the organisation. Strengths * Reputation in education * Recycling * Configuration * SLA (Service level of agreement) * Good supplier base * 4500 Customer base * Manufacture base established * Total cost of ownership * Product Quality| Weaknesses * SLA (Service level of agreement) * No software specialist * Brand recognition in the IT industry * No specialist solutions to offer * Vantage (ERP System)| Opportunities * SLA (Service level of agreement) * Technology improvements * New markets * Fluctuating dollar rate| Threats * SLA (Service level of agreement) * Competitors (Viglen, RM) * Finance * Cash flow * No branded components * Fluctuating dollar rate * ‘big ticket’ manufacturers (Dell, HP) * Stakeholders demand more returns in a contracting market.|

Table 1, showing a SWOT analysis of Stone Computers
As shown above in the SWOT analysis I will now point out in table 2 some of the key objectives as part of the operations team to try and meet the essential needs of the stakeholders within Stone Computers. Objective| Stakeholder...
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