Telus Sustainability

Topics: Sustainability, Stakeholder, Triple bottom line Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Part 1: Strategic Sustainability Reinvention
TELUS was named as one of 2013’s Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World by Corporate Knights. Telus believes that this achievement was because of their future friendly workplace strategy, efforts in reducing carbon foot print, energy conservation though LEED certified buildings, and charitable contributions. The Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR) 2011 explains the sustainability objective of Telus as “Integrate CRS considerations into our business”. In order to achieve this objective of integration Telus focused and invested in the following three key areas (Triple bottom line). ECONOMIC| SOCIAL| ENVIRONMENTAL|

* Sustainable revenue generation & return on investment. * Robust internal financial controls & disclosure mechanisms * Investment in technology research & development * Contribution to corporate tax base. * Contribution to sustainable national economic growth| Communities & Customers * Investment through TELUS community boards * Strategic partnerships * Philanthropy & volunteerism * Social impacts of our products & services * Customer satisfaction * Cause MarketingTeam members * Engagement * Recruitement, retention and development * Labour relations * Health and safety * products & services * Diversity and inclusiveness| * Impact of TELUS operations * Product life-cycle responsibility * Influence in the supply chain * Help customers minimize their impacts * Climate change * Energy * Waste management| | | |

Certainly, investing in all these areas is very important and there is no doubt that it had provided Telus a solid foundation to its current industry standing and paved the way to sustainability. But relying only on this approach and considering these activities as responsibility than to part of business activities limits...
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