Should We Go Beyond the Law?

Topics: Management Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: August 12, 2012
Individual Report on Case:
Should We Go Beyond the Law?
I Background and Issues Statement
Nathan Rosillo is a key product developer at Chem-Tech Corporation. And now they developed a new lubricant product which is turning point to decline its fortunes. Due to environmental regulations, they are facing to release wastes or not to dump into the river although their waste has already reached the standard that government requires. So should Nathan decide to dump the wastes into the river or not? II Objectives

To save cost significantly and better financial performance. III Analysis
This is a very popular issue in our current life, especially the company are facing downturn economic status and fierce competitive pressure on social responsibility and environment protection cost. In this case, Chem-Tech Corporation is facing the threat of its leader position in industry and has to develop new product and save significant cost. All of the management level except Nathan agree to dump the waste into the river since the waste also meets the regulations of environmental agencies. But from the social viewpoint, the government is the legal one to protect the river and public benefit, however, this waste will affect and harm the public more or less since they are chemical products. One way, the management is under big pressure of saving cost and turning the declining point and another, they are facing the social responsibility to concern on public health. If Nathan follows the management and dump the waste into the river, they can largely lower the cost and get very lubricant profit. Apparently, there is no on to be harmful. However, some side effect will appear after a few years and no one will pay for the damage to public health. In this case, there is no universal ethical standard or code in Chem-Tech Corporation, so Nathan can’t find any policy on company responsibility to support his decision. If he reports to the manufacturing vice president and...
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