Stakeholder Dynamics

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Case Study: Stakeholder Dynamics

Stakeholder Dynamics
The main issue that is described in this case study is the impact of uninsured is great for many of the stakeholders that are involved. The main problem here is that there doesn’t seem to be a solution anytime soon. Unemployment continues to be a major concern and without a job insurance is not very probable. In mid-September the US Census Bureau reported that the number of people without health insurance increased in 2009 to an all-time high of 50.7 million. Much of this increase can be attributed to the loss of employer-sponsored health coverage as the recession worsened during 2009--but even before the recession, the number of uninsured had reached a crisis point (Molyneux, 2010). There are many companies and organizations that can’t even afford to provide health insurance to their employees. Mostly in this case would be small business owners or business having a difficult time staying afloat economically. What we see presented in this case study is that if many of those who were out of work due to being sick or injured and uninsured would have spent less days out of work if they had insurance. Insurance would have covered for them to have medication and proper medical care so that they could return to work faster and be healthier more often by being able to have regular check-ups.

This concern really applies to many stakeholders and using the table provided in the text by Johnson there can be a small identification of how and where this issue impacts the stakeholders.

Stakeholder Group| Overall Perspective | Impact on Cost from Specific Stakeholder Perspective | Impact on Quality from Specific Stakeholder Perspective| Impact on Access from specific Stakeholder Perspective| Example:| or or | Or | Or | Or| Providers:Hospitals| | | | |

Providers:Physicians| | | | |
Consumer:Employers| | | | |
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