Stakeholder Management

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This chapter will elaborate about the Problem Background and issues of the research topic regarding Stakeholder Management in Practice. The background and issues on this topic will lead to the problem statement based from current issues of Construction Project Stakeholder Management in Malaysia which will determine the reasons why this study is proposed. This topic also covers the main research objectives and research questions of this study based from the problem statement given. Next, the identified scope and significance of study will be explained further in this chapter to provide more solid reasons why such study is being proposed.

Background of the Study
The idea of project management has emerged as early as an when human started construct and build massive structure such as ancient pyramid in Egypt (Nicholas, 2001). Thus, the modern project management discipline nowadays has been around for a more than sixty years (Camci and Katnour, 2006). Since then, Project Management has become vast towards its own field, whereby supported by bodies of knowledge and researches under PMI (Project Management Institute). Project Management itself has many versions of definition, one of the noted is Project Management that can be defined as “the application of skills, knowledge, tools and techniques to meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders for a project” (Mathur, 2006). The word “stakeholder” itself indicates how important it is to manage them in order to achieve project success. It is commonly accepted perception that a project is successful when it is finished on time, within budget, in accordance with specifications and to stakeholders’ satisfaction. Thus it is also important to manage stakeholder. According to PMI (2000), project stakeholders are the individuals or organizations actively involved in the project, whose interest in it are positively or negatively affected by the project execution or the successful...
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