Winsome Manufacturing

Topics: Project management, PRINCE2, Work breakdown structure Pages: 4 (1269 words) Published: January 19, 2008
Winsome Manufacturing Company
I am the manager of a firm that produces plastic storage containers for sale at home events. We will be introducing a new multiple container system to which will require minimal storage space in ones home. This product thus opens a sales channel market, allowing for additional add on products and to generate new revenues. The product is scheduled to be introduced in nine months during the first quarter of the new fiscal year. The new project requires participation from all departments to which includes design, production, purchasing, shipping, sales, and marketing departments. Since the company of Winsome Manufacturing owns its own line of injection molds, the manufacturing can be done in-house (PMI, 2004).

The managers from each of the departments along with the company official have been invited to a preliminary project initiation, to which will help determine the project sponsor, project charter and project manager. To prepare for the meeting and any potential questions that may be asked I have determined that I should research areas of interest that will be most important for the meeting and will help me be on key and ahead of the game. A few of the questions I find most valuable in knowing are that of: Who are the project stakeholders? How will they be involved in the project? Who is the project sponsor? From which department should the project manager come? The projects expected results? As well as what is the project charter? What value will it add? What problem will it solve, and what are the ramifications for not doing it (PMI, 2004)?

The project stakeholders are those that are involved in the project or those to which may be affected by the projects execution or completion. The stakeholders can be either individuals or organizations. The stakeholders have the ability to influence the projects objective as well as outcomes throughout the project as well as prior to it. There is a large variety of responsibility and...
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