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  • Published : October 24, 2010
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Project Management Paper
Manuel Angel Cortez
University of Phoenix

Project Management Paper
Organizations leaders are facing difficult challenges because of the rapid changes in government and technology, which has created pressure in organizations. The aforementioned changes have made way for a new type of management; project management, far different from the traditional structure for managing. This document will describe the definition of a project. The paper will also touch basis on the basic phases of the project life cycle and their purposes, and why it is important for organizations to use project management to accomplish tasks. Project Definition

A project can be defined as a “temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result”(Barron, 2009). In today’s business world, a project can consist of different types and can have infinite possibilities. Projects can be from developing a new service or project, beginning a new business venture, implementing a marketing plan, or finishing an assignment. Projects share the same uniqueness with operation as they both are performed by individuals, inhibit limited possessions, are planned, controlled, and executed. The most common characteristics of a project are implementing objectives, possessing a definite life span with a start and a finish, participation, a specified time frame, a defined unit of cost a performance. Almost every project has constrictions such as cost, time, and a scope. Every project will have a beginning and an end, cost, and management tasks that will determine the success or failure of the project. A project involves a managing process that involves the application of knowledge and skills, techniques and tools, and the development of tasks to meet all requirements of the project. Project management is defined as “a set of principles, practices, and techniques applied to lead project teams and control project schedule, cost, and performance risks to...
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