Space Planning and Interior Desigin

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Joost Ulrich
Gijs Bok
Leticia Grinuva
Zubayer Hossain
Dumitru Chicu
Alexandra Katanaev

Space Planning & Interior design

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Zubayer Hossain Dhali396152

Joost Ulrich

Leticia Grinuva396499

Dumitru Chicu

Alexandra Katanaev

Gijs Bok 393211

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Couch: Mrs. Trude Roelofsen

School: School of Facility Management.

Subject: WPL3 IVP8WPL3
Table of Contents
1Flexus Temp Agency5

1.17S Model5

1.2Formulation corporate goals5

2functional relationships between the various activities and calculated floor space8

2.1 Ground Floor8

2.3 First floor9

2draft of spot plan10

3draft of floor plan10


4official double-line architectural floor plans on a scale of 1 : 100.11

4.1 Ground floor11

5total look of the design by means of a mood board ( TAKE PICTURE)13

6front, rear and side views.14

6.1 front view14

6.2 rear view14

6.3 side view14

7Product of demand (POD) Technical and Functional15


1. Flexus Temp Agency

1 7S Model

Strategy: to provide our clients with premier interior design consulting experiences, by executing innovative and modern designs.

Structure: the organizational structure, by bringing the top management in direct contact with the our employees. These is because we can benefit from faster response in any changing conditions.

System: the company used a code of conduct; which are principle, values, standard or rules of behaviour that is guided by decisions and procedures of the organization. Communication is important, because is vital to success. We do online recruitment, therefore, we have an applicant tracking system.

Shared values: to be true by having integrity above all. To demonstrate passion in all we do. we commit to individual responsibilities and our company is made up by resourceful thinker who explore all opportunities.

Style: we chose a democratic leadership style. Who involves the team; whereas, each individuals are involved in the decision-making process.

Staff: our staff consist of nine employees; such as, the Branch manager, Consultant, Administrative clerks, Account consultant and Sales Consultant. They staffs are team players, goal sharing, and driving improvements on an individual as well as team level.

Skills: empowerment to making decisions, developing new team skills, problem solving and the ability to recruit and place workers in the right position.

2 Formulation corporate goals

• Increase customer satisfaction by 2014. This will be done by conducting customer satisfaction surveys; implement improvement plans.

✓ Through feedback

✓ Numbers of employed temp employees

• To become more efficient in the business operation yearly.

✓ Viewing complaints

• Prepare temp employees in meaningful job opportunities

✓ Provide training and seminar sessions

✓ Provide workspaces

✓ Provide full time placement

• Develop and maintain a high quality workforce system.

✓ Retention

✓ Employment opportunities

Assignment 5: Now list all the work-related activities the employees carry out in the Flexus office building in a room reserved for them personally.

In this assignment we add all employees and from here we decided which employee should have a room reserve for them personally.

Branch Manager:

• Maintain the relations network, focusing on both quality and quantity. • Stimulate important prospects or clients to visit the head office or branch. • Control the budget and the client/prospect registration system. • Ensure an optimum and efficient planning of company visits. • Draft company visit reports and report to the District Manager. •...
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