The Facility Planning Process Part 1

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facility planning part !

Facility Planning, Part I
Maria Cordero
October 23, 2012
Johnnie West

This paper provides an overview of the facility planning process for the Urgent Care Clinic. The Urgent Care Clinic is considered a family clinic that is located in Virginia. In this paper the author will discuss the following elements. The communities need for the clinics renovation. The current type of population that is in need of health care services. And a brief description of the Urgent Care Clinic and what it will offer to those residents within this area. Urgent Care Overview

The urgent care clinic has served the needs of many Frederick, Warren, and Clark county residents for the past 10 years. The clinic first opened their doors in 2002. The clinic provides treatment in a similar fashion to an emergency room or regular family physician. The urgent care clinic has a laboratory that deals with testing and an x-ray department to assist in a patient's care and diagnosis. The clinic is open seven days a week staying open late during the week for that potential patient that cannot go to an emergency room or adhere to their current doctors Hours of operation. This is very convenient as there are only three hospitals for these three counties. And at times the wait to see a doctor in an emergency room can be several hours. So in 2010 urging care was faced with so many patients and the facility that could not meet the demands of the current population. It was decided at this point to renovate a newer and larger facility. In 2011 the new urgent care facility was reopened and was adequately larger to house the amount of patients needing care. In addition to a newer and larger facility urgent care decided to meet the needs of the population by providing more affordable care. Also the clinic allowed for any patients insurance carrier to be taken with in their facility.

Type of Population Served
Currently in Frederick, Clark, and...
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