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In its 25 years of existence, Suguna has gone from strength to strength and has become a Rs. 3700 crore company that makes it India’s No. 1 broiler producer. Along the way, Suguna’s pioneering efforts in contract farming helped create thousands of rural entrepreneurs who share the growth successfully. "Poultry Integration" introduced and pioneered by Suguna in the country has energized the livelihoods of farmers in rural India. Organization structure involves formal and recognizes structure where in each and every individual and group have a definite relationship with each other, have a specified area of exist function to perform, authority to mobilize resources, obligation to act, responsibility for achieving the objective and accountability for their performance. It’s an arrangement of activities and assignment of activities and assignment of personal to their activities in order to achieve the organizational goal. Organization structure encompasses six major areas within the organization. They are as follows….. •Specialization of work.

•Chain of command.
•Span of control.
•Centralization and decentralization.

Suguna ranks among the top ten poultry companies worldwide. With operations in 11 states across India, it offers a range of poultry products and services. The fully integrated operations cover broiler and layer farming, hatcheries, feed mills, processing plants, vaccines and exports. Suguna markets live broiler chicken, value added eggs and frozen chicken. With the intent to provide consumers with fresh, clean and hygienic packed chicken, Suguna has set up a chain of modern retail outlets. Quality products are delivered through stringent processes, ultra-hygienic rearing methods that are acknowledged worldwide. The ISO certification is further proof of Suguna's commitment to quality. The group collaborates with leading international companies to bring the latest technology and practices. Today, the company’s brand Suguna Chicken is a household name in India. With its Suguna Daily Fresh outlets, Suguna Home Bites, Suguna Anytime processed chicken and four varieties of specialty Suguna value added eggs, Suguna is the undisputed leader in poultry products. Suguna Home Bites being the latest in its product range is a new category of home meal replacements (HMR). Suguna Management

Mr. B. Soundararajan has been the Managing Director of Suguna Poultry Farm Limited since its inception. His brother, Mr G.B Sundararajan is Joint Managing Director. Together, they set up Suguna Poultry Farm Limited in 1984 and grown it into India’s largest poultry enterprise with a turnover of 3700 crores in FY 2009-10. The entrepreneurs hail from a teacher’s family at Udumalpet, near Coimbatore and have a strong agricultural background. Mr. Soundararajan started his career as a trader for egg and poultry feed in the year 1985 with an investment of Rs 5000. In 1986, the business expanded, and the brothers set up a poultry farm with 200 egg laying birds (layers). In 1988, they set up Suguna's first feed mill to meet the feed requirements of the neighborhood poultry farmers. In 89-90 however, the poultry prices collapsed due to an oversupply of birds in the local market. The farmers were unable to meet their payments, so the entrepreneurs had to realize their dues in kind. They continued to supply feed and medicines in return for the end product ie eggs. Out of this was born the idea of contract farming. The two entrepreneurs worked with poultry farmers who had the infrastructure, by providing the chicks and feed. The farmer reared the birds and returned them to Suguna in return for a growing charge. Through building personal relationships with the farmers and winning their trust, Suguna was able to go from strength to strength, today becoming a world class poultry enterprise with an annual turnover of Rs 2030 crores. Mr B.Soundararajan is a visionary who foresaw the potential...
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