Social & Economic Impacts of Advertising in Sarawak Society

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  • Published : April 27, 2011
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Topic: Social & Economic Impacts of Advertising in Sarawak Society Introduction
Advertising is a form of communication that is meant to drive customers to purchase or consume the goods/brands that is being sold. This is an enhanced form of marketing which convinces the customers and public that the brands they are selling are actually better than the others in competition.

Problem Statement
Advertising has positive as well as negative, social and economic impacts on our society.

Controversies Surrounding Advertising
Economic Controversies:
Does it impact the business cycle?
Advertisement is necessary for economic growth. It is contributing immensely in the economy of every country. Advertising industry is contributing if the following ways: - Providing jobs
- Making low selling costs
- Making the company security of a company
- Increasing the security of a company

Social Controversies:
Does it make us compulsive, buying things we don’t need? - Advertising can have adverse effects on the minds of the people who see it. - Assorted techniques are enforced for the persuading consumers that they want the product which is being advertised. - These techniques usually give attention to the benefits that would be brought to the consumers rather than focusing on the actual products. Hypothesis

What if the product/service does not deliver the advertisement claim? - Dissatisfaction Occurs
- Harmful to Advertisers & Buyers

Findings/ Contribution/ Recommendation
Responsibility and Control over Advertising:
What is the role of consumers and their responsibilities and what’s the proper role for participants in the marketing process? We call upon advertising professionals and upon all those involved in the process of commission and disseminating advertising to eliminate its socially harmful aspects and observes high ethical standards in regard to truthfulness, human dignity and social responsibility. In this way, they will make a special...
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