Literary Devices Essay - "Things Fall Apart"

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  • Published : April 8, 2012
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Advertising has become an important factor in society. There are many advantages to advertising. However, there are also disadvantages that occur when there is advertising. It’s been able to provide information to people, but it has also caused the purchasing of unnecessary products. Advertising is seen as an advantage to today’s society because it helps people learn and can even help people who are in need. In source A, lives can be saved because people saw the advertisement about the American Red Cross. Information referring to the American Red Cross was given to the people through an advertisement to inform people that their donation will be able to save the lives of many. By creating this poster it allows people to more become aware of what they can do to help and motivates them to donate. Also advertising informs citizens about what is happening politically. The ways of advertising "informs us about candidates running for office" (source D). The use of advertising allows citizens to become informed about politics so they are not completely clueless on what’s going on. People will know what politicians are doing and will be fully informed on what’s happening. However, advertising can cause chaos to society because it urges people to buy unnecessary items that only companies can benefit from. Their desire to sell is powered by the greed of wanting more money. Advertising "create unfulfilled desires and they push us to buy the products that we do not need" (source F). Also, that "desire for profit and the appeal for a "healthy economy" has led many companies and governments to put aside the necessary moral responsibilities in the age of the global market" (source F). Companies give advertisements of car models for rich purposes, but most people do not need many cars. The advertisers know that, but still insist on advertising for their own profit. Although advertising has negative effects, the benefits drown them out. Even though advertising causes many people...