Smart Phones

Topics: App Store, IPhone, IPod Touch Pages: 3 (1299 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Back in the day, phones were only used for phone calls. Today, a primary use for phones is not even to use them for calling. Smart phones have changed the way everyone has been communicating.
A good smart phone has to be able to perform all sorts of different kids of things because there is high competition in the phone market. One of the most important tools a smart phone must have in order to be a good one is a well-developed application store. Since one of the many functions a smart phone has is the ability to play games on your phone and interact with other applications, a service provider has to have a good application store so they have good applications and keep their customers happy. With an excelling application store, they will drag in more customers and have more people design more applications that they can eventually sell. The two application stores that are most competitive are the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Since each company has to try and beat out their competition, many people have tested the two application stores against one another and decided that the Apple App Store is the one that is superior. Seems like Google has a more updated and better looking application store but Apple has the faster one. Some application developers decide to release their application to both stores in order to reach out the mass population and generate the most profit. But for some people that do not have as much money in order to put their application on both of the stores, they have to make a decision that will best suit their application and generate the most profit. From my research, I have found out that the best application store to release your app on is the Apple App Store. Now since Apple has all sorts of different products, the iPhone store, the iPad store, and the MacBook store, there are also different applications that can run on each product. With profit in mind, programmers want to try and maximize it, they have to...
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