Research on Mobile Software Engineering

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Research on the Software Engineering on Mobile Applications

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This research study is a compilation of previous researches and will concentrate on three aspects of Software mobile engineering; 1) important software engineering issues 2) its significant challenges and 3) its significant challenges 4) the future of software mobile engineering.

General Terms
Software engineering, Mobile Applications


According to Wasserman last 2010, an exponential growth of application development for mobile devices goes back at least 10 years, since the iPhone AppStore opened in July, 2008. Since then, device makers have created outlets for other mobile devices, including Android, BlackBerry, Nokia Ovi, Windows Phone, and more. Industry analysts estimate that there are more than 250,000 applications available through the various stores and marketplaces, some of which are available for multiple types of devices.

Dehlinger said that the rapid proliferation of mobile devices has dramatically altered the platform that is utilized for social, business, entertainment, gaming, productivity and marketing using software applications. However, the rapid proliferation of mobile devices and applications has outpaced the software engineering approaches tailored to mobile application software engineering.

In addition, according Dehlinger traditional software engineering approaches may not directly apply in a mobile device context. In this position paper, we discuss how these three factors present four significant challenges to mobile application software engineering that are critical to enable the design and development of quality mobile application utilizing the capabilities provided by mobile device hardware and platforms.

2. Mobile Software Engineering

According to Ben Morris,
Mobile Software engineering is the adaptive process of creating a software product that is intended to be used by people while they are mobile, by this action the process must take into account the specific characteristics of mobile usage to deliver he required quality. Quality is defined as the meeting or exceeding the customer’s expectation.

3. Its Significant Challenges

According to Dehlinger[2], 2012, firstly, mobile device user interfaces (UI) provide a new paradigm for new human-computer interaction sequences (e.g., multi-touch interfaces, QR code scanning, image recognition, augmented reality, etc.) that have not been previously explored in research and of which no established UI guidelines exist. Second, the divergent mobile platforms (e.g., iOS, Android, Windows 7, etc.), differing hardware makers for platforms (e.g., Android versions found on HTC, Google, Samsung) and mobile phone and tablet platforms (e.g., Apple’s iPhone and iPad) have necessitated developers to make a series of the same application tailored for each type of device. Third, the novelty of a truly mobile computing platform provides both unique opportunities and challenges. For example, Roman, Picco and Murphy assert that “mobility represents a total meltdown of all the stability assumptions” made in software engineering.

4.The Future Of Software Mobile Engineering

▪ Real World Interaction. “Sensor handling – most modern mobile devices, e.g., “smartphones”, include an accelerometer that responds to device movement, a touch screen that responds to numerous gestures, along with real and/or virtual keyboards, a global positioning system, a microphone usable by applications other than voice calls, one or more cameras, and multiple networking protocols.” ▪ Always On. One participant remarked “I’m interacting with my phone right now” — with the device out of sight, tucked away in his pocket, he noted that the vibrate option and connectedness of the phone were a key part of the interface which provide phones with unique capabilities. ▪...
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