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Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Physical exercise Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: November 27, 2012
In “Extra large, Please,” Alice M. Davies focuses on the increase of obesity with children, which schools are provoking. There are many various social problems in kids of America today ranging from poverty to drug abuse. One alarming factor that is rapidly exploding is childhood obesity. Alice Davies’ article, “‘Extra Large,’ Please,” which describe the alarming social problem of childhood obesity connected to the fast food industry in America today. Davies stated: “the number of American kids who are dangerously overweight has tripled. More than 16 percent of our children qualify as ‘obese’” (Davies). Although childhood obesity is a growing problem stemming from a terrible diet and lack of exercise, we can take action now to avoid further detriment towards their future health. The first cause of childhood obesity is the lack of inactivity. Many schools are not required to have any physical education. Unfortunately, Davies’ states: “Many of those schools are so short of money they’ve scrapped physical-fitness classes” and “too few communities have athletic programs in place.” It is terrible that schools have a hand in this growing epidemic. Also, Spurlock’s Supersize Me documentary shows that “schools are cutting out recess to study for testing and only one state requires physical-fitness classes.” It is terrible that most of these children taking exams are obese. In addition, they live in a dangerous neighborhood where they can’t go out and play because drug activity and violent crime may make playing outside dangerous. Communities should take part in making the neighborhood a safe haven for kids to play outside. The second cause of childhood obesity is poor eating habits. Children will rather eat candy instead of focusing on the products that are good for the body. Parents play a major role when it comes to allowing or giving their child food that will damage the body more less providing nutrients. Children need to leave the junk food...
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