Smart Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, High-definition video, High-definition television Pages: 2 (296 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Assignment 3

   a. What are smart phones?
Cell phones just originally made phones calls and that is it. Smart phones have a various amount of features. Some can take pictures, and record videos. Smartphones also have web browsers that allow a connection to the internet. Data service is the focus on smartphones.

b. What changed from 1G cellular technology to 2G technology? 1g technology used an analog transmission and could only send transmissions below 10 kbps. When 2g technology came about it was all digital but still only ran at 10 kbps. This allowed for text messaging. Low quality pictures could also be transferred.

c. Compare typical 2G speeds with 3G speeds
2g compared to a typical 3g speed is a huge difference. 2G transfers at 10 kbps and 3g can transfer at speeds between 300 and 500 kbps. This allows 3g to have web access as compared to 2g as well as high quality photos, and low quality video.

d. What are likely to be typical download speeds for early 4G systems? The fourth generation cellular speeds will most likely be 3 mbps to 5 mbps. This is still an improvement over 3g.

e. What speeds will 4G support eventually?
4g will eventually support 1gbps for stationary users, and 100 mbps for mobile users.

f. At what generation did video downloads and reasonably fast web access become feasible? 3g had reasonable speeds as well as the ability to download low resolution videos.

g. What generation is sufficient for high-definition video and very fast web access? 4g allows for high definition video and web access that is comparable to cable and adsl.


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