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1) How would you characterize the main economic legal-political and sociocultural difference influencing the relationship between the partners in Shui Fabrics? What GLOBE project dimensions would help you understand in Chinese and America perspectives illustrated in the case? Answer: the differences influencing the relationship between in partners in Shui Fabrics are: ChineseAmerica

Humane orientation
- Concerned about job creation
- 3000 jobs made a real contribution to the local economy
- Does not want to cut jobs
- Relationship orientated
Performance orientation
- Wants to see better economic performance, higher profits
- Expect more than 20% ROI, not content with 5% ROI
- Thinking of pulling the plug on Shui if performance does not improve - Task orientated

We know that globe management is more challenge for manager special joining venture. That mean managers from difference countries try to cooperation to make more profit. However, their venture is easy fail because of many reasons such as the partners have to create an international cultural intelligence which plays an important role for manager study language and learn as much as possible about the local morns, customs, beliefs, taboos. However, that information alone cannot prepare the manager for every conceivable situation. And the manager have to managing cross-culturally, the differences cultural is effect to the cooperation like human resource, leading, decision making, motivation, and controlling. Venture between Ohio-based Rocky River Industries and Shanghai Fabric Ltd. in the study case that was going to stop had reflected the cultural difference, policies disagreement, and difference in leader thinking. These issues mean that Chinese and America venturing have committed some element GLOBE project dimensions such as uncertainty avoidance, power distant, and societal collectivism.
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