The Batek of Malaysia Are One of the Original People of Malaysia or Otherwise Known as Orang Asli. Unlike the Other Orang Asli of Malaysia Whom Have Left Their Cultures Behind to Work and Live Like Modern Day Society,

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The batek of Malaysia are one of the original people of Malaysia or otherwise known as Orang Asli. Unlike the other Orang Asli of Malaysia whom have left their cultures behind to work and live like modern day society, the Batek are still live their traditional lives (J. Beswick, 2010). The Batek live in camps of five or six nuclear families. These foragers have a split gathering system. While women can hunt they are mostly known for their gathering skills (Lampell, K. 1984).

In this paper I will be covering the following:
1) Kinship
A) Family life
B) Marriages
2) Economic Organizations’
A) Gathering
B) Trade patterns
3) Gender Relations
A) Differences between male and females
B) Roles each gender plays
All of the above issues will be addressed in the final draft. The Batek a tribe is one of a few which still functions as the traditional ways of their people once did. With little influence from the outside world it is interesting to learn why it is that they haven’t changed and adapted to the ways of the outside world. This is another thing that will be addressed in the final research project.

Beswick,J. (2010). Exploring Eye: The Batek tribe of Malaysia and their architecture. Retrieved from (The Architectural Review), Endicott, K & K. (2009). The headman was a women. Retrieved from Lampell, k. (1984). The Batek De' of Malaysia. Retrieved from (Cultural Survival),
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