Challenge of Globalization for W. L. Gore & Associate

Topics: Sociology, Culture, The Culture Pages: 7 (2402 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Challenge of Globalization W. L. GORE & ASSOCIATE had been expending their business in more than 30 over country; there are Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, Central America, North America and South America, leading manufacturer of thousands of advanced technology products for the electronics, industrial, fabrics and medical markets. With the employees of 9.500 people around the world, managing the people also bring along the trouble as well. With the diversity of culture, people, background, language and norms, challenges and problems occur within the company and beyond the boundaries of the company. This is the major problems that will occur when a company goes global and expanding to the world. This challenge of globalization will lead to the virtual team requires high degree of coordination. Issues like communication breakdown and miscommunication happen when it comes to transferring information and data or even as simple as greeting when there are no proper and systematic way of communication. It will be more difficult when it come to language barrier, culture difference and norms from different continents. We also identify is the growing need to build strong relationship across geographical boundaries. The relationships across the boundaries for the person in charge of the same company need to be very strong in order to have a very significant and standardized brand across the world. Confusion and conflict happened when the details and the expectation does not transmit well. Competition among teammates or college will happen when issues rise in the company. The objective of the company will not be focus and easily mislead the way.

Last problem that we found out is the difficulties in maintaining the culture and values of W. L. GORE & ASSOCIATE. Since there are located in many countries and continent that full with diversity of culture, norms, language, foods, dress and others, the culture and the norms of the company is hard to maintain or to be standardize all the year. It easily being influence and amend by the companies from different continent. Alternative for Challenge of Globalization To survive in a very competitive market especially in the global, W. L. GORE & ASSOCIATE need to have people to coordinate among the departments for the company. The coordination should be in horizontal link of communication by having coordinators, liaisons, managers to bring those messages across from another department to another department so that everything can come together. The middle person should know what to deliver and to whom does message have to reach to ease and make sure the system and the process of the company can run smoothly. W. L. GORE & ASSOCIATE also can reduce the cost by outsourcing to low cost country such as Brazil, China and India to cut down the production cost by having lower supply cost. These supply cost include the resources, employees, location and so on. When the supply cost getting lower, the production cost decrease, the cost of product decrease, level of competition of the company increase, can dominate the market temporary. These countries manage to provide work force in low cost which make many company trying to enter their market aggressively currently. Getting advice from the experts on issues related to culture and globalization also a very effective step to take to ease the process of signing the contract or even the agreement of busying the company products. Researchers or the local people do help a lot for the company to understand what does the new or the latest market want.

The company needs these details to test the market by lowering down their risk when expanding into the new market. By providing training to the employees in the field of culture study and language study can improve the skills of the employees to learn and understand the diversity culture. The alternative for the virtual teams which requires high degree of coordination they need to implement the mixed...
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